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Application of puffed food packaging bags

Date: 2019-11-09  Source: Fengeryi

Potato chips must have been eaten by everyone. These kinds of puffed foods are made from cereals, potatoes, beans, fruits and vegetables or nut seeds, and are made by baking, frying, extrusion, microwave and other puffing processes. Loose or crunchy food. Although the audience is criticized for the safety of nutrients, additives, etc., its crisp taste and varied taste are still the favorite of many teenagers. Common puffed food packaging forms are mainly divided into three types: plastic flexible packaging, plastic drums (boxes) and paper drum packaging. The latter two types of packaging form have good stiffness, which can effectively protect the internal puffed food from being crushed, but the plastic drum (box) package has poor sealing performance and short shelf life, and the high-barrier aluminum foil layer is covered in the paper drum package. And the sealing film is excellent in sealing performance, the quality effect is good, but the cost is correspondingly higher, so the most popular puffed food packaging in the market is the inflatable plastic flexible packaging.

Inflatable plastic flexible packaging is a form of packaging: after the food is placed in a soft plastic packaging container, it is vacuumed or not vacuumed, and then filled with a protective gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to seal the package. According to the type of inflation, it is divided into air-filled plastic flexible packaging and nitrogen-filled plastic flexible packaging. According to this principle, the inflated body constructs a layer of insulation between the crisp and fragile puffed food and the package, and exerts a cushioning and shock absorption effect, so that the inflatable plastic flexible package excels in pressure resistance.

Generally, the packaging materials of puffed food plastic bags are generally composite film bags, which are combined by printing layer/aluminized barrier layer/heat seal layer (common structures in the country include BOPP/VMPET/PE, BOPP/VMPET/CPP, BOPP). /VMPET/EX-PE/PE, etc.), the aluminum layer is not in direct contact with food. Usually it is directly contacted with some safer plastics. The products of the formal enterprise must be certified by safety before they can be safely consumed. Generally, this kind of product has relatively rich oil and fat, and the food is easily oxidized. For example, the smell of oil is oxidized to cause odor. In order to guarantee the shelf life of the product, the barrier property of the packaging material is usually relatively high. Aluminum is recognized as a material with excellent ductility and barrier properties, and is therefore used in the field of food packaging. The puffed food bag is placed under the light, and the fluorescent bright spot is visible to the naked eye. The fluorescent whitening agent has radiation effect on the human body and even causes cancer. If it penetrates the food or enters the human body through the mouth and skin, it will have an impact on health. Excessive benzene content in puffed food bags can also cause harm to the human body.

The reason for the damage of the packaging bag is mostly caused by the external force extrusion, and the uneven force causes the wrinkles to occur, which may cause damage more severely. Therefore, the market has the following requirements for the function of the puffed food packaging bag: good air tightness, good sealing strength of the air bag is required; good oxygen barrier property prevents external oxygen from entering the air bag to erode food, and also prevents The nitrogen in the bag overflows, forming a "squat bag" problem. Good oil resistance and light blocking performance, so the quality of the aluminized composite film is controlled.

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