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How to use food vacuum bags?

Date: 2019-11-09  Source: Fengeryi

How to pump the food vacuum bag, I do not know what kind of pumping you are. The three commonly used are described below.

How to use the suction quilt compression bag:

1. Place the garment in a compression bag, then soil the dry bedding first, then fold it into a convenient storage shape, as close as possible to the bag, at least a few centimeters from the closed zipper.

2. Check the zipper before the zipper is clean, if there are small fibers or dust (small fibers or dust may reduce the compression bag seal, causing the compression bag to leak, if wiped with a rag)

3. Install the blade, slowly pull the zipper, gently pull the other end of the zipper, pull the two-thirds of the time, squeeze the clothes or quilt or fold the volume, so that most of the air is discharged, quickly pull the remaining three-thirds One blade (saving a lot of time and effort when pumping with a hand pump).

4. Press the zipper on the slider on the zipper several times to ensure that the zipper is really sealed.

5. Pump with manual air pump: open the air cap, the air pump at the mouth, pull the piston to pump (pump the large capacity bag, because the pumping time is a little longer, the middle is disconnected without removing the pump and covering the lid, the gas will not be Suck back).

6. Use a vacuum cleaner: Open the air cap, vacuum the nozzle at the mouth, open the vacuum cleaner to quickly pump.

7. Open the closed zipper and pull it out of the garment quilt to restore the status quo.

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